After the test results showed that there was a significant difference in quality in the standard AA batteries, the RE-LOCK team decided to use a re-design and use its own battery with only 1% self-discharge per year and resistant to cold and heat . The design is therefore adapted and completely new and the result [...]

Successful funding in collaboration

Successful funding in collaboration with Middenduin Corporate Finance (www.middenduin.nl) and Capital Custom (www.kapitaalopmaat.nl) In fourteen days time, 187 private investors ensured that the full requested amount is fully paid. These investors are, after reading the information, also convinced that the RE-LOCK-hightech lock  is ideal for the modern cyclist. We want to thank these investors for [...]

Accenture Innovation Awards

Join us and support us with your vote for the Accenture Innovation Awards. We are with our smart RE-LOCK bicycle lock nominated for this award for the category Travel & Transport and the television station RTL-Z is a media partner of this event. To get an impression here is the link of the award ceremony [...]

We are live! The crowdfunding has begun! :-)

Today the third of March at 18:00 hours our crowdfunding campaign has begun! Please support us and participate in the crowdfunding campaign with buying a Re-Lock smart lock for yourself. Support us at our crowdfunding page : Indiegogo pagina

Are you a member of the Re-Lock Community yet?

Re-lock would like to exchange information and experiences about nice cycling routes, attractions and bicycle-friendly locations with users of the smart bicycle lock. For example, information about restaurants, cafes, museums, etc. Join our community on our Facebook page.

Productconcept developed

Great news! The Re-Lock concept has been developed and has now also been 3D printed. We tested the lock immediately on different bicycles in the field. Everything fits and appears to work. Obviously, this version has been printed in plastic, so is not yet theft-proof. Keep following us for more news! Like our Facebook page [...]

Promotion video in production

This week, we started filming Re-Lock’s promotional video. We have selected 3 locations, including the Erasmus Bridge and Apenheul Primate Park. In the video, we demonstrate different scenarios in which Re-lock offers the perfect solution. The video will be posted on our website, social media channels and Youtube in February. Stay tuned!

We are aiming for 100% recycling

RE-LOCK is developing the lock in such a way that we can apply for Cradle2Cradle certification at a later stage. Cradle2Cradle is a globally recognized certificate awarded for products that are recyclable at the same product level. In other words, we are 100% environmentally friendly.

Padlock available too

You can also use the RE-LOCK bicycle lock to attach your bike to stationary objects using a chain. In this case, too, the chain is automatically unlocked as soon as the lock recognizes the E-key.

Crowdfunding action

Re-Lock will start at the beginning of 2016 a Crowd Funding project to generate a part of its financial needs. The platform , used for this Crowd Fund raising  project is Indiegogo . Please follow us at the Indiegogo website and give us your support so we can be successful in this endeavour .This can [...]