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After the test results showed that there was a significant difference in quality in the standard AA batteries, the RE-LOCK team decided to use a re-design and use its own battery with only 1% self-discharge per year and resistant to cold and heat . The design is therefore adapted and completely new and the result [...]

Successful funding in collaboration

Successful funding in collaboration with Middenduin Corporate Finance (www.middenduin.nl) and Capital Custom (www.kapitaalopmaat.nl) In fourteen days time, 187 private investors ensured that the full requested amount is fully paid. These investors are, after reading the information, also convinced that the RE-LOCK-hightech lock  is ideal for the modern cyclist. We want to thank these investors for [...]

Kapitaal op maat

To expand the marketing activities, RE-LOCK approached and asked Middenduin Corporate Finance to accompany them with the funding process of the required capital. With their knowledge and know-how they have drawn the business plan in the form of a memorandum and the crowdfund platform Kapitaal op maat have given it a positive rating and they posted [...]

Accenture Innovation Awards

Join us and support us with your vote for the Accenture Innovation Awards. We are with our smart RE-LOCK bicycle lock nominated for this award for the category Travel & Transport and the television station RTL-Z is a media partner of this event. To get an impression here is the link of the award ceremony [...]

We are moving to a new location

In recent months we have been busy fine-tuning the RE -LOCK bicycle lock and put on a good basic for the continuation of research and development and the development of an automated production line. To meet this increase in scale we found a solid partner in IF Adamas (www.if-adamas.com) . With this partnership we can [...]